Welcome ‘Drums Of Fire – DCI’ Event Goers!

Hi! If you’re reading this, you may have seen my ad in the ‘Drums Of Fire – DCI Event’ program/pamphlet.

  1. I hope you’re having a good time at the show. I know all of the participants have worked hard to be here, so give them a round of applause.
  2. Awesome! The ad brought you here. So, before I lose you, what is this site about?
  • Make – If you have ever wanted to make games, you’re in the right place.  I have a tons of FREE and paid content to help you get started making 2D games with the [Corona SDK](https://coronalabs.com/).
  • Play – I have a few games ready to play and more coming.  You can find them from the links on my ‘Play’ page.
    • Note: I mostly make games for other folks, so if you’re here looking for something to play and my games don’t suit you, try out my ‘Hire’ page and look at the game links there.
  • Share – While I have to make a living like everyone else, I believe in sharing help and knowledge.   My ‘Share’ page list all of my FREE content and contains the ‘Big List Of Resources’ (BLOR) for game developers.

Thanks so much for coming to my site, I hope you find something fun and entertaining here.

Recreating Site

It has been about a year since I had a functional site and I am finally getting back on the horse.

For the next week or two I would expect to see a lot of updates and changes as I remember how to edit the site and add pages, posts, and content back.

– The Roaming Gamer